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Mapping : Patoche Script : DVR “Hello community! Here’s a new free creation where you can experience new PR adventures. It’s a simple modern bar in the city center. The script provided is a bar script made by DVR. You have all the installation information, the information for the doorlocks, the name of the tvs as well…


Mapping : Patoche “Hi community, many people wait it , but today this is new free creation from a clothing store, I hope you like this creation as much as I enjoyed creating it  . In the video you will discover animations that you cannot see on the screens.” —————————————————————————- —————————————————————————- —————————————————————————- (43.5 MB) —————————————————————————- This is again…

MLO : Hideout cocaine boat

CREDIT : Mapping : Patoch “I was looking for a new way to exploit a secret place for drugs” —————————————————————————- —————————————————————————- —————————————————————————- Mapping :step 1 : Copy/Past the folder “thug” on your resource folder .step 2 : Open your server.cfg and Start/Encure thug. —————————————————————————- (10.0 MB) —————————————————————————- This is again my small contribution to the fivem community Hope you enjoy

MLO : Abandonned Village

CREDIT : Mapping : Patoch “ça fait longtemps que je voulais faire un petit village abandonné dans un endroit désertique de la carte. Ce mapping peut être cool pour plein de choses : Lieu d’échange pour de l’illégale lieu d’otage squate de gang une nouvelle zone pour les serveurs RP survivalistes and more…” « It’s been a…

MLO : Car Dealer

CREDIT : Mapping : Patoch « Just a little mapping for help FIVEM community , nothing amazing but i know there are more and more independent car salesmen, used car salesmen, so it can be a little additional mapping for your cities. It’s a good place , bank near , big parking. enjoy » CREDIT : Mapping : Patoch…

MLO : LifeInvader Update

CREDIT : Mapping : Patoch Script Lift : Sarish  » today I wanted to make a simple small modification to the Lifeinvader because I really wanted to make an elevator. Ty Sarish to help me on this work » What can you find more : A Visitor parking A new small garage for employed car service A printroom i have…


 » hi today here I am for a sharing of a mapping with a script. I wanted to open new doors to PR scenes with digital illegality. »

MLO : Paleto bay

 » Hi, this my new creation on Paleto Bay. Hope this work enjoy yourself . I’m not a pro for the moment to creat MLO , but i continu to learn . « 

MLO : Small Biker Aera

« Hello everyone, this time , it’s a small MLO mapping to offer the Biker another discreet property for storing gear, taking breaks during a motorcycle ride, … » personal message : thank you for being more and more to follow me on my various networks Pour telecharger le mapping :


Salut, pour célébrer mes 1000 membres Discord et 2000 abonnés YouTube, je crée un speed mapping
«Marchand d’armes secrètes»